Commission candidate calls ‘harlot’ signs ‘dirty form of campaigning’

NEW HANOVER COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — A New Hanover County commission candidate said the campaign is getting dirty after several signs popped up calling her a harlot.

The signs popped up early Sunday morning aimed at Republican Patricia Kusek.

“It’s just plain wrong for any successful woman to have to deal with these antics in 2016,” Kusek said.

Patricia Kusek is talking about the campaign signs scattered around Wilmington aimed at her. The signs read “Harlot Kusek 4x divorced, her promises mean nothing.”

“To personally attack me with signs that call me a harlot is a despicable and desperate tactic that has no place in this campaign,” Kusek said.

Kusek said the sign is not even true. She said she has been divorced three times, but that was a long time ago.

“I’ve been married to my husband Walter for over 29 years and I am blessed beyond imagination to call him my life partner,” Kusek said.

Meanwhile, Kusek said she does not know who did this.

“It must be one of my opponents in this race,” Kusek said. “I know it isn’t Woody White, and I seriously doubt Jonathan Barfield would do something like this.”

A couple of Kusek’s opponents showed up to her press conference including Democrat Julia Boseman.

“I’m concerned about it,” Boseman said. “I empathize with Mrs. Kusek. I have been the victim of personal attacks before by Woody White and Michael Lee and I know how it feels. I wanted to make sure that I shook her hand and told her that it was not me.”

Derrick Hickey’s wife, who was also once accused of setting up a fake Instagram account in Kusek’s name, also showed up.

“Even though their campaigns differ on their positions on the issues, she is a fellow Republican running mate, so I had come down in support of her,” Catherine Fleming said.

For now, Kusek is just focused on the race ahead.

“I’ve heard it said that it isn’t how hard you hit, but how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward,” Kusek said. “I’m more determined than ever to serve as the newest New Hanover County commissioner.”

Kusek said the signs showed up near churches early yesterday morning, but she believes a majority of them have been taken down by pastors and supporters.

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