Community builds home for veteran, family

MONKEY JUNCTION, NC (WWAY) —  The local organization Step Up For Soldiers has a mission to help those who have fought for our freedom after they leave the battlefield.

They have assisted many veteran families in the past and now are working on a project they have never done before.

An empty lot along Shiloh Drive in Monkey Junction was donated to the organization a while back and now a house is being built on it for a veteran and his or her family.

Step Up For Soldiers Vice President James Verdon says this is the first time they are building a home from the ground up.

The property was donated and the workers constructing the home are doing labor for free.

Frank Harrelson is one of the volunteers that is helping make this project possible.

“Anything we are capable of doing as far as our scope of work we will jump right in help these guys,” Harrelson, Owner of Harrelson Construction, said.

The home is 1,400 square feet and has 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms.

Verdon says it’s all about taking care of people who take care of us.

“Either his or her family, they will be living here paying rent while attending CFCC or UNCW,” Verdon said. “Upon graduation, they will get most of their rent money back so they can start in life.”

Money collected from events like the Monkey Junction Concert Series are the reason homes like this can become a reality.

“This is what the money get spent on, project like this, so they more support we get from the public we more we can help veterans coming back from Afghanistan and Iraq,” Verdon said.

Harrleson says he has never been a part of something like this and hopes to do more in the future.

“Because of what they are doing overseas, we are able to do this and have our freedom to carry on in the way of life that we enjoy so much,” Harrelson said. “I’m glad to be a part of it.”

They plan to start taking applications in a month or two and hope to have a family in the home before the holidays.

The Monkey Junction Concert Series happens every Friday night in the Home Depot shopping center next to Staples. Step Up For Soldiers says they are always looking for volunteers during the weekly event but you can always just come out, listen to music, and donate if you can.

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