Community organization reacts to recent shooting deaths

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAYTV) — Wilmington Police Chief Ralph Evangelous’ comments on the recent shootings weren’t taken well by members of the Peace 4 the Port organization.

Evangelous made an emotional appeal to the community after two men were shot and killed since early Sunday morning. Evangelous said the gun violence in Wilmington has to stop, and pleaded for the community to help.

Peace 4 the Port is a non-profit organization that is trying to stop violence in Wilmington. Melissa Pinkoski, the organization’s founder, said they do care and are doing what they can to stop violence. She said Peace 4 the Port holds community events to draw awareness to violence in Wilmington, she adds they support a number of community groups that help youth.

Pinkoski said for Evangelous to say there isn’t enough being done, is troublesome.

“That was completely uncalled for. Our community does things all the time for our children here, and I guess he doesn’t follow what we do or doesn’t come to all of our events,” said Pinkoski. “But for him to say that, that was just uncalled for.”

Justin Walker said he agrees with the chief when he noted a lack of public outcry over the recent murders.

“I believe people look for a reason to give cops a bad name. Black on black crime has been going on since back in the day and they never reached the news headlines but when a cop is involved it will because they need an excuse to give cops a bad name,” said Walker.

A Wilmington Police spokeswoman said the comments weren’t aimed at organizations like Peace 4 the Port that are trying to have a positive impact on the community. Police said they do recognize the work Peace 4 the Port does to bring awareness of violence in the community.

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