Community saves historic Wilmington Journal building

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — It’s been a fight several years in the making; but Saturday, the community saved the Wilmington Journal’s historic building.

The Wilmington Journal is North Carolina’s oldest black-owned newspaper, starting a couple decades after Wilmington’s 1898 massacre.

But in the past few years, the newspaper has run into financial issues. They faced losing their building unless they could pay $95,000 in overdue payments to keep it by March.

After starting a GoFundMe in December, they’d almost reached their goal. They started to close in on that number during their live telethon Saturday, which featured speeches from Governor Cooper, performances from local artists, and stirring testimonies from leaders in the Black community.

“We want something to continue to leave to our children,” said Linda Thompson, one of the telethon’s organizers. “So they’ll know about our history…. the voice that the journal has given to so many people”

Finally, at the end of the eight hour, Facebook live telethon, locals donated enough to save the Wilmington Journal’s building and then some…$95,203.

The Wilmington Journal’s building will live to see another day, all thanks to the generosity of the Wilmington community and those the Journal has touched.

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