Community struggling to raise funds for road repairs after damage from Hurricane Matthew

SUNSET BEACH, NC (WWAY) — For some people in Sunset Beach just leaving the house has become a challenge.

“On October 8th when the hurricane come through, where we already had leaks underneath the spillway everything collapsed, water went around it, now it’s not going into the pipes as it should,” said one resident, Lee Gushman.

Dozens of families have to use an alternate route to and from their homes.

“We have to enter and exit to our homes through The Pearl golf course. And they’ve been really nice and we’re so thankful to Dr. Williamson for what he’s done in allowing us to enter his property just so we can get to and from, but the roads are not good,” said Gushman.

Safety is a serious concern.

“Our kids have to pass this for the school bus,” said Gushman.

The road is private which means the county won’t pay to make repairs. It falls into the hands of the residents.

“When we got the first quote, the best situation was $180,000. And that is to fix the spillway and the dam,” said Gushman.

She said the more realistic option for the community is a temporary fix that will cost about $15,000. Divided among about 40 families that’s about $375 per household.

“We’re still struggling. You know we don’t have the money for it. ”

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