Compass Pointe sees increase in buyers as Leland booms

BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) —  Compass Pointe is seeing an increase in buyers as Leland continues to grow at a fast rate.

“We have seen a dramatic increase over probably the last two to three years in home site and home sales as Brunswick County kind of continues to get on the map,” Marketing and Sales Director of Compass Pointe Amanda Marks said.

The resort style community is one of many that is rapidly growing in Leland.

“We’re seeing about 200 families new to Compass Pointe every year,” Marks said.

Marketing and Sales Director of Compass Pointe Amanda Marks said most of the new neighbors are coming from the northeast.

“People mostly love North Carolina for the weather, particularly the coastal lifestyle, and the taxes especially in Brunswick County,” Marks said.

For those who have been in Leland for decades like Leland Fire Chief John Grimes, it is a big change for a once small town.

“Before, everybody knew everybody,” Grimes said. “Everybody knew everybody’s kids and things of that nature and now, my wife and I are eating at restaurants and you don’t know anybody in the restaurants.”

With more people comes more emergency calls.

“Our fire division crossed 2,000 calls for the first time in the history of the department,” Marks said. “When I started at the department in 1989 we ran 115 calls.”

Grimes said they are in the process of getting more staff. He also said they are working on something new for the Compass Pointe community, because of where it is in relation to the fire stations.

“We’re looking at some other ways of providing proper fire protection to the citizens that may not include what they’re used to or what we’re used to,” Grimes said.

In the meantime, Marks said it is an exciting time for Leland.

“Leland is definitely the hottest bedroom community to Wilmington and we’re so convenient to downtown Wilmington,” Marks said. “You can have the beach lifestyle. It’s so easy to get to Wrightsville Beach and it’s so easy and quick to get downtown Wilmington, to the Riverwalk and all the shops and restaurants they have there.”

Marks said they are in the process of expanding their amenities right now. She said they are adding more tennis courts, pickle ball courts, an indoor pool and a lazy river.

WWAY Anchor Hannah Patrick will have much more on growth in Leland and the whole county in a special report on Thursday May 18 called “Brunswick Boom.”

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