Conference sheds light on timeline of GenX, still more to be done

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Working together to protect the Cape Fear River, that is the theme of this year’s Cape Fear River Assembly’s Educational Conference.

A panel of experts, including Dr. Detlef Knappe, attended the conference to discuss the effects of current and emerging contaminants.

Knappe said the conference was a great overview of the timeline of GenX over the past year. Knappe said there have been positives signs as the fight against GenX continues but researchers still have a lot to learn.

“I think some of the things are really positive you know? I didn’t expect really that we would see such a fast drop in the floor chemical levels in the river. But at the same time the remaining floor chemical levels even down here in Wilmington in the drinking water are still higher than they are in other places around the country,” Dr. Knappe said.

Knappe said he hopes to expand the scope of the list of contaminants being looked at by next year. He is also concerned about other contaminants like Bromide.

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