Confusion and chaos as NHCS parents rush to find their kids

NEW HANOVER COUNTY (WWAY) — Parents rushed to find their children after a New Hanover High School shooting caused confusion and chaos Monday.

Some students, like senior Logan McLentdon waited for hours to go home, taking the time to gather herself.

“I’m a little scared,” the teenager said. “I know some people in there and it’s kind of scary. I’m just glad I wasn’t in there my self, but I’m worried for the people I know.”

McLentdon had just parked in front of the school and was about to head inside when laws enforcement pulled up and escorted her away. She was running late and about to make her way through where the shooting occurred.

McLentdon continued, “I was just thinking about it. It was like, so much could have happened if I was here on time. And I just, I’m almost thankful I was late.”

After driving up to the barricade surrounding New Hanover High, parents like Aaron St. Just were directed to Williston Middle School. St. Just, a New Hanover alumni looked on anxiously as the school counted students.

“This is concerning,” St. Just said. “I’m anxious about what that means, if this is reflective of what I should expect.”

Just two weeks into his son’s first year on campus, St. Just says he’s never seen this level of violence at his alma mater.

“Someone had a gun at the school,” he continued. “Student. Non-student. That’s problematic.”

Just blocks away, Erica Harris hurried to the MLK Center after her son texted there’d been a fight and then a shooting.

“My heart stopped. I almost passed out,” Harris remembered.

She’d run from New Hanover High, to Williston Middle, to the MLK Center searching for hours until she found her son unharmed.

“I’m stressed. I’m pissed off. I had to leave work early today,” she said. “I couldn’t find my son for three hours. I just found him like ten minutes ago.”

Though angry, Harris said at this point, all she wanted was her children safe at home. The first thing she’ll do is hug them.

“Hug them tight. Yes. And tell them how much I love them.”

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