Controversy over child with illness

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) – All her life, 5-year-old Isabella Billings has suffered from a severe nut allergy. She can die if she comes in contact with or eats nuts.

Isabella will start Kindergarten at Alderman Elementary, but due to her potential allergic reaction, her parent think it’s extremely important for her to be transferred to Winter Park Elementary, which is much closer to home.

Her father believes the move could be the difference between life and death.

Jonathan Billings said, “She’s been in anaphylaxis before. She has been very close to hurt and possible dead.”

One of the reasons why they are so concerned.

“When things happen like they have happened in the past, and our child in endangered, we are able to be there. We have had her in situations where she is around professional medical staff and our ability to be there is what has made the difference,” Billings expressed.

The family has tried to contact the New Hanover County School system several times, but the board has denied their request for reassignment. The Billings plans to appeal the decision to Superior Court.

Billings hopes the school system will reconsider. If not, they may be forced to home school their daughter this school year.

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