Couple celebrates 70th wedding anniversary

ASH, NC (WWAY) — Bryan and Jackie Smith can say they have been married for seven decades.

Both grew up in Brunswick County and have stayed ever since. They first met while in grade school and developed a relationship. Their passion for basketball grew them closer. Bryan and Jackie got married on November 22, 1946.

Family and friends celebrated Bryan and Jackie’s anniversary at Friendship Baptist Church in Ash Saturday.

Jackie says you have your ups and downs, but the key to a successful marriage is you just have agree to disagree sometimes.

“Don’t ever go to bed mad,” Jackie said. “If you are, don’t let him know it.” “You then make up,” Bryan said. “There’s a lot of fun in making up… until you get too old.”

Their relationship proves there can’t be bliss without a few battles.

“There were times when we didn’t know whether we would meet our obligations or not, but we always come around,” Bryan said.

Back in 1987, Bryan said they faced one of the most difficult times they have gone through and god tested their marriage.

“Right at 11 o’clock our home burnt down, I mean there was nothing left,” Bryan said. “Not even a safety pin,” Jackie said.” “We found out how valuable everything was.”

The community, their faith, and strength from each other is what kept them together.

“All I have to say is that our Christian life has carried us through times of bad and good,” Bryan said. “We had the Lord to lean on.”

They have four children, seven grandchildren, and nine great-grandchildren.

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