Covil responds to controversial comments about gays

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — After a controversial Facebook post made by New Hanover County School Board member Tammy Covil protestors took to the steps of the school board to voice their concerns and support. It was Covil’s use of the word perverted toward gays and lesbians that started the fallout. Some folks said Tuesday, they wanted Covil gone.

“I think that this lynch mob after Tammy is ridiculous,” said Kim Fink.

Others said she’s right to speak her mind.

“There’s enough schoolyard bullying going on already,” said Ryan Burris. “First and foremost, I think that she needs to make an apology.”

Covil is speaking out too. Though she wouldn’t talk to us, she did speak with Conservative talk show host Tyler Cralle, saying her comment was taken out of context.

“I’m talking about, specifically gender fluidity, and the gender identity. So, to me, that is a perversion of the gay marriage issue,” Covil said.

Indicating her issue was with the transgender community and teaching things like gender identity in school.

“I think there’s no place for it, and if we’re not going to teach Christianity or religion in the school system, we should then not be teaching any of these other issues,” Covil added.

Her supporters say she is just speaking the truth. They said they came out on this day to stand with Tammy.

“Tolerance goes both ways, that’s why I picked tolerance,” said Glenn Fink, pointing at his sign. “Tolerance is both tolerance of those who have the opinion and those who do not.”

Covil released a statement late Tuesday evening. To read it in its entirety click this link: Tammy Covil – Statement

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