Crowded animal shelter offers free pets

PENDER COUNTY (WWAY) — The Pender County Animal Shelter is offering some pets up for adoption free of charge.

Jewell Horton, the shelter’s director said members of the community and animal rescue groups have helped lighten their load. Though adoptions are up, the shelter has been full for weeks as new pets are surrendered there daily, and unspayed animals breed more strays.

Horton is encouraging people to adopt by covering adoption fees with their pet sponsorship program, and directing adopters to use the money they saved to spay and neuter their animals.

“Animals leave every day, but animals come in every day,” said Horton. “Right now, not including what just came in in the last 20 minutes, we’re sitting at 98 animals that are actually keyed into our inventory. And I think with what just came through the door, we’re probably closer to 110.”

If you cannot adopt, Horton says you can still help by sharing the Pender County Animal Shelter’s Facebook posts and sponsoring an animal, covering their adoption fees.

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