Crowds flock to local beaches for beautiful holiday weekend

OAK ISLAND, NC (WWAY) — Oak Island was packed with beach goers this weekend. Water Rescue Chief Tony Young says he’s never seen that many boats docked on the west end of the beach.

Young says crews were called out three times to the beach this weekend, but two were false alarms. He says, Saturday afternoon, an older gentleman was transported off the beach to ambulance for heat stress issues.

Young says the biggest challenge was finding the victim when called out. He says there were way more tents and covers on the beach making it hard to see. Young is asking beach goers to be courteous with tents and leave room for emergency vehicles, if camped near a vehicle access.

The surf conditions were nice, according to Young. He says the little bit of wind blowing from the north led to calm waters.

If you are interested in seeing conditions at the beach before heading out, you can see them here via the newly installed Oak Island Water Rescue Live Stream docked on the station’s roof.

There are no lifeguards stationed on the beach and the Oak Island Water Rescue responds to all calls. Young says, by the end of the month, the crew plans to launch a new, lighter and more efficient boat to respond to calls with.

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