Cue Center, WPD conduct massive search for Ebonee Spears 6 years after disappearance

Ebonee Spears went missing from Wilmington January 15, 2016
CUE Center and WPD search for Ebonee Spears on January 29, 2022 (Photo: Wilmington Police)

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — The Cue Center for Missing Persons and the Wilmington Police Department just completed a massive two day search for a woman who went missing more than six years ago.

Ebonee Spears went missing from Wilmington January 15, 2016.

It is a case WWAY’s Hannah Patrick has featured in #UNSOLVED. Spears was last seen using the phone at the front desk of the Wilmington Police Department. She was also seen at the Community Boys and Girls club that day.

Monica Caison with the Community United Effort or CUE Center for Missing Persons helped coordinate a two day search in Wilmington last weekend using dozens of trained volunteers and law enforcement search dogs and horses. Caison said every one of her volunteers uses a tracking device. Wilmington Police can see every inch covered by each volunteer and dog using QR codes.

Caison said they wanted to cover all of the areas where Spears was last seen or could have been based on what they know about the case.

“We did not find anything,” Caison said. “We didn’t find any kind of clues or anything to even suggest that she was there, but it helps us to to move on, because the family has always questioned a lot of areas and they’ve been adamant. You know we want a really good search and we want to make sure that she’s not there. And reviewing the case and just trying to figure out where to start over again.”

Caison said there are so many unanswered questions in this case.

“We are six years into this and she pretty much just vanished that night and it’s like you know, was she abducted? You know that’s one question I have,” Caison said. “Was she abducted right off the street corner or walking home leaving the police station or what have you? But, you know, we have to move forward in this. We can’t just say she disappeared and you know search some areas and leave it alone. ”

Caison said they did not find anything during this search. Caison said they are still offering a $5000 reward for any information that could lead to finding Spears. If you have any information, please call Wilmington Police.

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