DA wants to use testimony from a murdered witness

PENDER COUNTY, NC (WWAY)– The man accused of killing one man and then allegedly murdering a witness for that trial was in court again today.

Nashid Porter is charged with killing Brian Grant in 2012 and Obediah Hester in 2014.

No cameras were allowed in the court room. While Nashid Porter was on pre-trial release for the alleged murder of Brian Grant in 2012, he was charged with the murder of Obediah Hester, a key witness in grant’s murder.

The state’s prosecutors explained to the judge that they want to use the testimony from interviews with Hester before he was killed for this trial.

A detective described what Hester told him in an interview on July 27th 2012, the day Grant was killed. The detective says Porter was staying with Hester in a house in Creekwood right across the street from where Grant was killed. Hester was set to be a witness for the trial, but on November 12th, 2014 he was murdered execution style in Duplin county.

A Duplin detective in that case says he interviewed two men that say they were hanging out with Porter and Hester that night. Those men say it ended when Porter began shooting Hester by an abandoned trailer on Wards road. An autopsy shows Hester was shot 11 times and ultimately died from a cinder block wound to the head.

The state says this evidence is important for Grant’s murder because both murders seem to have a personal motivation and were not robberies, both men died from gun shot wounds and Nashid Porter allegedly fled both scenes, and as far as they know Porter and Hester were friends. The state told the judge Porter was let out on a rare pre-trial release charged with first degree murder. The state also says this evidence shows malice and guilt.

The judge told the court that as long as all of this evidence comes out the way it did today, then it will probably be admissible in court. The judge also says they may have to argue some of the evidence in trial.
Trial is set for June 1st, 2015.

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