Despite a tough start to the year film industry expects to rebound in 2020

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY)–The film industry has been hit particularly hard by covid-19 stopping production all across the nation, but now they are looking to make a grand return in the second-half of 2020.

“It’s going to be a crazy July, I can already feel it coming,”says motion picture Casting Director Mark Fincannon. “I think you’re going to have more auditions in the month of July than you probably had in two or three months at the end of last year.”

Mark Fincannon is a North Carolina native that now serves as a motion picture casting director and film producer. He says states like California are slowing their film production the rest of the calendar year due to the coronavirus. In turn, it could bring more films to the Carolinas.

“They’re going to be making their films. So, where are they going?,”says Fincannon. “We know where they’re going. They’re either coming to Georgia, or they’re going to North Carolina, or they’re going to South Carolina.”

Actors and movie buffs alike have been hungry for new content in 2020 with production being brought to a half. Fincannon says there is no reason to worry with a big splash right around the corner.

“I do believe in the back quarter of 2020 you will see an uptick in production and we will see an uptick in the Carolinas.”

Members of the Cucalorus Film Festival Foundation say 2020 and the coronavirus will be looked back on as a point in history for the film industry.

“Stories will come from this about how this time shaped just our profession,”says Megan Petersen. “New things will come to the industry because of it, which is really exciting.”

Film forum meetings are held every month by Cucalorus in partnership with the UNCW Center for Innovation & Entrepreneurship in the Cape Fear. The Cucalorus Film Festival is scheduled for the second week of November in downtown Wilmington.

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