Leaders release details of NC budget deal

RALEIGH, NC (WWAY) — House and Senate Republican leaders have released details about the budget plan they struck late last week and continue to hammer out.

Senate leader Phil Berger and House Speaker Tim Moore held a news conference in Raleigh this afternoon to outline the two-year nearly $22 billion agreement that still has to be voted on later this week by both houses before it can go to Gov. Pat McCrory for final approval.

Here are some of the highlights announced at the news conference:

All teachers will get a $750 bonus
Step increases for teachers full funded
Teacher salaries increase from $33,000 to $35,000
Teacher assistants fully funded
Vouchers expanded $6.8 million in year one and $14 million in year two
Money for driver’s education

-The budget expands the sales tax base with more services taxed, including installation and service on things you buy, to help rural communities with things like education and economic development. That rural help, though, will not come at the expense of urban areas, as a plan floated this summer threatened to do.

-The state’s Historic Preservation Tax Credit is restored.

-North Carolina’s Renewable Energy Tax Credit will expire.

-Non-profits will keep sales tax exemption.

-Eugenics victims will get a second $15,000 payments. A third and final payment will be made after all appeals have been exhausted.

-A $2 billion bond package will go to for voters later this year to address capital projects, including education and transportation.

The challenge now will be for lawmakers to approve the budget before a continuing funding resolution that has kept the government running expires Friday. Berger said the Senate will begin its consideration of the budget as soon as tomorrow. Under House rules, the budget must be on the floor for three legislative days before it can be voted on.

Click here to see the full budget bill

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