Dozens protest as puppy’s death heads to grand jury

NEW HANOVER COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — As the man accused of beating a dog to death on Christmas Day was expected to appear in court, a group of protesters stood outside with a message.

“I think it’s past time to stand up and speak out against violence in any form and especially against this small little dog that was murdered. It’s an extreme act of violence,” protester Karan Witt said.

Armed with signs and wearing matching shirts demanding justice for the puppy beaten to death, members of the Facebook group ‘”Justice for Axel” protested outside the New Hanover County Courthouse. Their goal was to make a difference.

“This kind of behavior is abnormal and it needs to be stopped,” Witt said. “This man needs, we need to actually work on getting higher sentencing for people that are violent.”

Christopher Simpson is charged with animal cruelty. His court case was continued something the group expected.

Now the case is going to the grand jury, a step they are happy about.

“Dogs are like human beings. There’s an old saying, it’s man’s best friend,” protestor Edward Nielsen said.

The group wants stricter laws against animal abusers and a registry created for those who abuse animals. But there is still one question they want answered.

“Why? Why would you do something like that to someone who can’t defend themselves or what was the reason ya know?” Nielsen said.

The group plans to continue their fight and be a voice for the animals.

The group will also be seeking justice for a different, but similar animal abuse case next week. The date for the grand jury has not been set.

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