Dreaming of a place to sleep: group providing beds to kids in need

NEW HANOVER COUNTY (WWAY) — Instead of snuggling under the covers and counting sheep, hundreds of children in New Hanover County are making do without a bed. They sleep on couches, in chairs, and on makeshift laundry piles in an effort to stay warm.

“People are facing the harsh realities of poverty, and it is not their fault. And I don’t want anybody to feel bad that they don’t have a bed for their kid,” said Rebecca Trammel. It’s something she is trying to change with her project, “Dream Big”.

Since January, more than 200 children have signed up to receive a free bed, blanket, pillows, and sheets.

“If kids are going to dream big, they need to wake up on the right side of the bed,” explained Trammel. “It’s hard to do that without a bed.”

Collaborating with New Hanover Regional Medical Center and school social workers, Trammel and her organization, Champions for Compassion have collected almost 18,000 dollars for the endeavor. Trammel hopes that by filling this basic need, children in the area will understand their value.

“I hope, first of all, that these children know how much their community loves them. I hope that every child when they get in that bed, and they put their head down on their pillow that belongs to them, I hope that they know that people care.”

And according to Trammel, there’s still time to address this vast need.

“If 150 dollars is the difference between a child being sick…. their brains not developing correctly, if we can solve that with a bed, that ounce of prevention is worth 500 pounds of cure.”

If you’re interested in donating funds, supplies, or time, click this link to learn more.

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