Drive-in Easter services not recommended by local health experts

NEW HANOVER COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — Easter Sunday is a day many Christians flock to church, but health experts are urging them to stay home.

Lisa Brown, the Public Health Preparedness Coordinator for New Hanover County, says drive-ins are acceptable by law, but still pose a big health risk.

Brown says, if you do gather, stay in your car and do not pass programs, offering baskets or communion trays.

“Logistically, there is a lot to consider to make sure that people can do this safely,” Brown said. “Not to say it is impossible, but it does pose a risk and that would be our concern.”

She says it is difficult to control the spread of coronavirus in a drive-in setting with people in a car less than six feet apart. She says new CDC reports show some people can spread it before they show symptoms.

“The idea that nobody in that environment felt sick at the time, but just the activity of singing hymns together and causing those droplets to come out through the singing exposed other people that later got sick,” Browns said. “So there’s a whole lot activities that would be really hard to manage.”

Brown says online streaming services are highly recommended for everyone’s safety.

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