Drivers cautious as ice still on roads in Brunswick County

BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — Conditions throughout Brunswick county are icy and tricky. The magical feeling the snow brings has been replaced by a frustration because of the ice on the road.

Highway conditions throughout Brunswick county were spotty, making the drive throughout Brunswick county fairly risky. Earlier today, there was massive back-up on Highway 74. Cars and trucks were slowly moving along a sheet of ice to get into the Wilmington Area. Those conditions led to a shut down of Highway 74, going eastbound. By the afternoon, it was reopened and several snow plows were seen cleaning the road. Many people were worried going out on the roads.

“I think it could be a little bit better in spots. I know the shady spots is pretty bad. I hit a spot a little earlier up 17 and I kind of slid a little bit. So they could probably do a little bit better cleaning up but I don’t think they got that equipment like they do in other areas,” Buddy Thomas, said.

“I was hoping as we came up seventeen that we would see at least a scraper with a salt truck behind it, you know it’s starting to get slushy now. Now would be the time to get it up and we didn’t see anything. So I think with the refreezes probably tonight and the next couple of nights it’s still going to be a mess in the shady spots,” Joyce Thomas, said.

Multiple area throughout Brunswick county reported better conditions. Places like Holden Beach, Ocean Isle Beach, Oak Island, Calabash and Shallote were doing much better and their roads were mostly clear.

Brian Watts with emergency services asks for people to still be careful this weekend and some ice remains on the roads.

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