Eden Village to bring affordable housing to homeless in Wilmington

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY)–Affordable housing for the chronically homeless population is on its way to the Cape Fear with the new Eden Village. The project is set to bring 32 tiny homes to Wilmington by 2021.

1302 Kornegay Ave. in Wilmington is soon the be the home of the Eden Village. The tiny community will be specially designed to provide permanent homes for chronically homeless individuals including patients of the local hospital.

Just to have a place to call their home and to be proud of,”says Eden Village of Wilmington Co-Founder Kim Dalton. “It will allow them to have neighbors and people around them that know their name, that care about them. That’s what Eden Village of Wilmington is going to be about.

One of the founders of the Eden Village of Wilmington is longtime doctor Tom Dalton. He says after years of seeing homeless people struggle within the medical system he knew that something had to be done in order to provide stability.

“One of the things that the homeless community is missing is just a simple place to live to be part of their healthcare,”says Co-Founder Tom Dalton. “So, housing is healthcare, it fits right in with what I do for a living.”

There will be 32 tiny homes on the property upon completion, which will cost approximately $300 a month with utilities included.  The assistance doesn’t stop at housing though, living at the Eden Village will provide the residents with much more.

“Each resident will have a team of four people that will come along side them,”said Dalton. “They will help them figure out the best way to manage their money and to have proper healthcare.”

The ball began rolling on the project last year based off a similar community in Springfield, Missouri. The founders say while they are off to a good start, it will ultimately take members of the community for the project to come full circle.

“We’ll have a model home out here in November and then it will be $40,000 per home,”says Dalton. “It will be corporations, churches, and families that will help make this a reality.”

If you are interested in donating to the project or inquiring about living you can visit their website for more information.

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