Election Anxiety? You’re not alone and Wilmington psychologist offers advice

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — If one thing is certain about the 2020 election, you are not alone if you’re feeling anxious as results trickle in.

“It’s terrifying that it was not a clear election,” Arianna Charapp said. “That it is such a close race.”

Some are fatigued by it all.

“I just want it all to be over now. Trump or Biden, either way,” Witten Joplin said. “It’s definitely making me a little anxious, you know. I don’t know how people are going to react to it. Like I don’t want to see any violence or any raids but I know that there will be either way.”

“It’s really sad that we have to question the integrity of our nation’s leaders, Sadie Sharkey said. “I’m a little nervous for the outcome.”

Some people are monitoring the results and trying to stay up to date with minute by minute results.

“We’re all checking like every five minutes,” Sasha Freedland said.

The nerves have pushed some people into action, as they look ahead to the future.

“My anxiety usually turns into motivation to make change,” Addison Hamlet said. “There’s no doubt, we’re going to have recounts. there’s going to be a couple of weeks of unrest. I hope by the end of November, people have decided that the fights can simmer down and that we can reconvene and not be so polarized.”

Whether you’re checking social media or talking with friends, no matter how you’re handling it, Psychologist Dr. Erika Geisler says right now it’s just a waiting game.

“That’s not going to affect the outcome of this at all, so it’s really important to just be in your moment. Enjoy doing what you’re doing, get yourself really focused on that,” Geisler said.

If you want to stay up to date, Geisler has some suggestions.

“Make sure you have times, like in the morning, around lunch time, in the evening,” she said. “Don’t just spend your day continually checking in on this because it will actually increase your level of anxiety.”

We’ve filled in our bubbles and cast our ballots, so it’s out of our hands at this point, but Geisler says there is something we can do.

“It’s our jobs to spread love and joy out into the world and to make this world a better place,” Geisler said. “We can do that one person at a time, which sounds silly, but there’s a lot of power in that.”

For information on how to contact Dr. Erika Geisler, visit her website.

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