Eugenics victims still waiting for compensation

LELAND, NC (WWAY) — The sterilization of people thought to have mental defects is a real part of North Carolina history. After a Eugenics Compensation Bill passed last year victims are still waiting for their money.

Elnora Mills said she is tired of waiting for compensation after her ability to have kids was taken from her.

“Aggravated, I am still upset about it,“ Mills said. “I got married in 1968 and that’s when I found out I couldn’t have no children.”

Mills said she went to the doctor for appendicitis and learned years later she was sterilized during that procedure.

“I still don’t like the way they did us,” Mills said.

Last year, lawmakers approved a $10 million Eugenics Compensation Bill. Back in October she received only part of that payment.

“They should have went on and paid all of us and gotten it over with,” Mills said.

Mills said she is still waiting for the rest of the money she is owed, but something that makes that wait even harder is a cancer diagnosis.

“Now I found out that I have cancer where they cut my tubes and burned them, I got cancer, right in it,” Mills said.

Mills said this money would help pay for some of her medical procedures. But the money is currently tied up in the appeal process for other victims. According to the North Carolina Department of Commerce there are still several cases being appealed.

Graham Wilson of the Department of Commerce says no other money can go out until those cases are resolved. Then the rest of the money set aside will be divided up equally.

And even though Mills said this money will really her help out it won’t make up for what was done to her.

“It won’t bring me no children. Nope. Money can’t buy children,” Mills said.

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