EXTRAORDINARY PEOPLE: It starts with a voice

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — The power of a voice can be life-changing. A voice can teach. A voice can lead. A voice can make a difference that screams magic.

Amy Wright is a mother of four. Two of her children are diagnosed with Down Syndrome. She’ll surely tell you they are two of the best parts of her world. And her message to our world: “It starts with a voice.”

The opening of the music video introduces you to the Wright family. Each member looking into the camera with a message.

“It’s time to take a stand.”

“Let my voice,” “my voice,” “my voice,” “my voice, inspire a change.”

“I thought,” Wright said, “I’ll write a song and called it ‘It Starts with a Voice,’ and that’s where our big journey to advocacy began.”

“Some dreams you pack away. Our journey’s just begun,” Amy’s husband Ben Wright can be seen singing on stage in the video.

“My hope was that by sharing what our family’s experiences were, raising children with Down syndrome, that other people could read about that, the good and the bad, and not be scared,” Amy said.

Ben sang her song, which they recorded on video in 2013 with hopes of getting rid of the “R” word and raising awareness for the Special Olympics. But her song is much more than the beauty you hear in lyrics and voice. It’s also in what you can read.

“That’s why we share a lot about our family,” Amy said. “Because we’re hoping people we will reach… even if we reach just one person who might have decided to terminate a pregnancy based on the diagnosis, then I feel like we’ve done what we set here to do.”

“You guys have a great day,” Amy tells Beau and Bitty in an online video. “Byyyeeeee,” they both reply.

“We go at 150 percent all day long,” Amy said. “When my head hits the pillow, I sleep.”

The Wright family may be the most authentic of our time.

“My daughter, who is a sophomore in high school, started the first Best Buddies Club for high schools in North Carolina, because that’s part of her life,” Amy said of her older daughter.

“Our second daughter started a photography video business, where she features people with disabilities,” she said.

Amy’s message that change starts with a voice, that we must stand together, deserves an extraordinary standing ovation.

To watch her husband Ben perform her original song, “It Starts with a Voice”, click here.

To check out “Down syndrome: The Wright Way” facebook page, click here.

To check out “SOAR Wilmington” where you can find info on all kinds of resources for people with disabilities, click here.

To check out Amy’s blog, click here.

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