WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — She runs under the motto “You make a living by what you get, you make a life by what you give.” LeeAnne Quattrucci’s law practice does, of course, practice law. However, she and her colleagues also practice acts of kindness. Our Extraordinary People of the Week are “Team Q.”

What defines a good team? Is it a powerful leader? Is it a signature uniform?

Maybe it’s a group who shares in each others laughter.

“We call us ‘Team Q’ because clients will always call and say, ‘Um, the attorney is… We can’t say her name.’ They’re like, ‘It’s… OK… Q,” Quattruci said.

“I had been doing Guardian ad Litem as a volunteer, which is where you go and be the voice of a child in court,” Quattruci said, “and I did one case, and I’ll never forget: A judge in Orange County said, ‘You should be a lawyer.'”

A couple years later she enrolled in law school at UNC Chapel Hill specializing in child advocacy.

Nowadays, you can find Team Q working cases from domestic violence to divorce to one she calls her favorite: adoptions.

“My husband and I have adopted two children out of the system, so it’s kind of near and dear to my heart,” Quattrucci said.

“She’s very sweet and thinks about everybody,” paralegal Catherine Skipper said.

Quattrucci is admired by her colleagues, who are also known as Team Q.

“She’s very supportive,” Tamika Jenkins Rice, a fellow attorney said. “It’s not often you can come to a job that lets you be able to give to the community, so it’s very satisfying.”

Tamika is talking about community events they do, as Team Q, that sync up with a national event like Sexual Assault Awareness Month, where they offered free self-defense classes, or Women’s History Month, where they helped get local ladies dressed for success.

“When I opened my own law firm,” Quattrucci said, “I decided I wanted to go to work to be happy every day and special, so I made the commitment that every single month we would do an activity for the community as a law firm.”

And that in itself is extraordinary.

You can keep up with all of Team Q’s events by following their Facebook page here.

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