Fayetteville police remove Tasers for safety check

FAYETTEVILLE, NC (AP) — The Fayetteville Police Department is
taking a brand of stun guns off the streets to determine whether
it’s safe to use after a man died while officers tried to subdue
him with an electric shock.

The Fayetteville Observer reported Tuesday that Police Chief
Tom Bergamine said he has no reason to believe
that the Taser used in last week’s incident malfunctioned.

All officers have been ordered to turn in their Tasers at the
department’s training facility where the weapons will be inspected
to make sure they are functioning properly. Policies on the use of
the electric weapons are also being checked.

The State Bureau of Investigation says 56-year-old Michael Evans
died last Wednesday after being stunned with a Taser during a
struggle with three Fayetteville police officers.

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