Filmmakers enter contest to help bring back Hollywood East

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Two women have entered a competition, hoping to bring back the spotlight and show how much Wilmington still has to offer the film industry.

“If we were to win this competition, it would not only change our lives, but I think it would really change Wilmington and a lot of peoples lives who live here,” co-creator and writer Hannah Black said.

Both Hannah Black and Megan Petersen put their heart and soul into their project,”Drought.”

After more than two years of planning, their film idea is in the running.

“There’s a movement happening in Wilmington with not only us, but tons of other film makers coming together and rallying together and trying to create wonderful film that tells amazing stories,” Black said.

With their story, they hope to raise awareness not only to the Wilmington film industry, but autism. A main character in the film is on the autism spectrum.

“I was a teacher here in town and I worked with children on the autism spectrum and they are the most amazing kids in the world and I still think about them to this day and I was really inspired by the gifts that they brought into classroom and to the world in general,” Black said.

Black and Petersen need the communities support to help make their dream a reality. To revive sustainable films and jobs back to the area.

“If we win this national competition Wilmington is highlighted,”co-creator and producer Megan Petersen said.

Peterson said film is still alive here and wants to prove people who think it is not, wrong.

“If our community has a chance to rally together which is a part of what this competition is we can bring film back here. It’s still here, but we don’t have the opportunities,” Black said.

Win or lose, Black and Peterson are making the film no matter what.

They have until October 13th to have people follow their campaign and gain enough support to be in the top ten. For more information on the project, click here. 

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