Filmmakers meet to discuss saving film industry

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) –Wilmington has a film community rich with creative minds and ambitious artists. Some of those minds came together to discuss the future of the film industry in the area. They all met at Ironclad Brewery to talk about how bringing back Hollywood East might be up to the filmmaker community.

Since the change in the film budget in the state, Wilmington has seen a decline in projects coming to the area in the last few years.

Most recently, History Channel series, Six, decided not to return to the area for another season. As other films continue to leave the port city, filmmakers are taking it on themselves to try and bring it back.

“There are a lot of gaps and disconnect in the community that are just unnecessary,” said Paige Blankenship with Lucid Visions Media. “We wanted to bring people together and get them connecting.”

That’s why Lucid Visions Media, Blue Clay Collective, UNCW, CFCC and Cucalorus collaborated together to hold a networking meeting for filmmakers in the area. The goal of the event was to brainstorm ideas, network with others and come up with ways to re-create Wilmywood.

“We don’t want to leave,” Blankenship said. “We love Wilmington and we want to make an opportunity for ourselves while we’re here. So I think it’s important for us to get connected and understand what the industry is going to evolve into and how we can create that together.”

Many at the meeting say they recognize the decline, but they aren’t discouraged. With proposed changes to the film grant program in the state coming and events like this, they believe things can improve. The rest of the film industry has to just get on board.

“We have what is needed in Wilmington,” Kristi Ray with Honey Head Films, said. “I just don’t think people know we exist yet. It’s all about personal marketing on social media and networking at events like this. That’s what’s really going to get it off the ground in a grass roots way.”

Organizers say they were very encouraged with the turnout of the event and they plan to make this a monthly occurrence.

Right now, the only series filming in the port city is TNT’s Good Behavior.


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