Finding balance with Stroller Strides

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Area parents are taking time out of their schedules to work out. And they’re able to do so without missing out on time with their children. The members of Stroller Strides have mastered the art of exercising, spending time with their children and socializing. Some may call that a full plate, but they’d tell you it’s living life to the fullest.

Stroller Strides is a national company, but Jody Smith started a branch locally five years ago after having her first child, "It was a great outlet not only to get exercise, get back in shape, but also meet some other moms and find that support network," she told Good Morning Carolina anchor Ashley Jacobs.

"A lot of moms feel guilty having to find childcare to go to the gym or get a babysitter whent hey want to go out for a run," Smith said. But in her eyes, Stroller Strides solves that problem. And she’s not alone.

Mother of one Melinda Finch said she loves it because she can spend quality time with her son.

The group meets at several area parks to run the trails. On Monday morning, the women met at Hugh MacRae park and judging the twinkle in their toddlers’ eyes, you could say everybody won. The kids played at the park before the moms took off to push their strollers. Smith said, "We’re setting a great example from the very beginning that exercise is fun. Its something we can do outside and be with our friends."

If this sounds great, but you can’t make it to one of their runs, there are ways to take their moves and make them your own from the comfort of your own home or neighborhood. Smith suggests incorporating your child into your exercise routine by letting them sit on your abdomen while you do crunches. Have the child give you a high five when you come up toward them or sing silly songs together. It’s also a great opportunity to practice counting with your kids.

Or consider throwing some lunges into that ordinary stroller walk around your neighborhood. You’ll burn more calories and work different muscles this way.

You could also invest in exercise tubing. Smith and Finch demonstrate how to do rows while using a tree trunk for support when you watch the full story.

Interested in joining Stroller Strides?Click here for information.

The Wilmington Area Stroller Strides group will celebrate their anniversary February 20, 2013 with a party at Hugh MacRae with a free workout, followed by kids activities and live music. Attendees will get a "swag bag" and even a chance to win a BOB jogging stroller.

All first time participants who register will get a free month’s membership in February.

And if you’re wondering…men can participate too!

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