Firefighter charged for pointing gun at woman during accident in Columbus Co.

COLUMBUS COUNTY, NC (WWAY) — The Columbus County Sheriff’s Office has charged a firefighter for pointing a gun at a woman during a traffic accident.

According to a press release from the Columbus County, on Tuesday, Shantasia Donique Williams, 24, of Wilmington, filed a report with Columbus County Sheriff’s Office in reference to an incident that happened on June 12.

Williams reported that she was traveling on Andrew Jackson Highway East when she saw what appeared to be an accident. Fire and Emergency Medical Services were on scene.

Williams continued traveling past the accident. Williams then, turned around using the median and went back to the accident scene. A verbal confrontation ensued between Williams and emergency personnel on scene. Then, a firetruck moved to block Williams.

Jeffery Scott Sherwood, 51, of Riegelwood, stepped in front of Williams’ vehicle and pointed a handgun at Williams. Once the Fire Chief arrived on scene, Sherwood put away the firearm. After speaking with the Fire Chief, Williams left the scene.

The Columbus County Sheriff’s Office conducted a thorough investigation. At the conclusion of the investigation, Sherwood was charged with misdemeanor Assault by Pointing a Gun. He was served at the Sheriff’s Office on Friday.

According to the press release, Williams was issued an infraction for NC GS§ 20-157 (f)(2): (f) When an authorized emergency vehicle as described in subsection (a) of this section is parked or standing within 12 feet of a roadway and is giving a warning signal by appropriate light, the driver of every other approaching vehicle shall, as soon as it is safe and when not otherwise directed by an individual lawfully directing traffic, do one of the following: (2) Slow the vehicle, maintaining a safe speed for traffic conditions, and operate the vehicle at a reduced speed until completely past the authorized emergency vehicle. This paragraph applies only if the roadway has only one lane for traffic proceeding in the direction of the approaching vehicle or if the approaching vehicle may not change lanes safely and without interfering with any vehicular traffic.

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