First Fruit Ministries raising money, supplies for local homeless in need of help

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — First Fruit Ministries is attempting to help the Cape Fear homeless population by raising money on their Facebook page and collecting needed items through an Amazon wish list.

Recently the group visited “John” around 20 feet into the woods off Kerr Avenue. According to the organization, John has been living in a garden shed with no AC for some time.

They say his severe mental illness keeps him isolated from the public, including shelters and organizations who can serve him.

Their outreach team visits John twice a week, bringing him homemade meals, clothes and supplies.

While he may not be ready for permanent housing, First Fruit Ministries says they’ll never stop meeting his basic needs while he’s living on the streets.

The organizations says our homeless neighbors in Wilmington need backpacks, tents, tarps, umbrellas, and toiletries this summer.

If you’d like to send supplies directly to those in need, please shop our Amazon wish list HERE.

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