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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Have you ever looked at a dancer’s body and felt a little jealous? There’s a reason they’re so fit. And, you can look a bit more like them by doing barre.

“Plié, battement, plié, attitude.”

You’ll hear a bit of French in the barre class at the YMCA in Wilmington. And, you might even learn some.

“After you’ve done one class, you could probably answer most simple ballet questions,” said Stacey Vanklaveren, a barre instructor.

Vanklaveren said even though it looks, feels and sounds like ballet it is not ballet. Participants don’t have to know ballet at all to do barre.

Margie Wyatt didn’t know ballet when she started but she did know Pilates.

“It’s like Pilates standing up to me,” Wyatt said.

That’s a pretty en pointe description of barre.

“Everything all at the same time just like a dancer would use. A lot of lengthening, a lot of building strength within small movements at your challenge point,” Vanklaveren said.

A challenge Wyatt said she couldn’t wait to take on.

“I had heard about it and I had been dying to try it and I heard it was a great workout,” Wyatt said.

And, a grand addition to her workout regimen.

“I do a lot of Pilates and Yoga and I’ve been pretty much on a routine so I’m starting to see some results,” Wyatt said.

Vanklaveren said those results come from working with the barre.

“That’s what’s so unique about this workout … you have the bar for balance. You have that little bit of support that you need to allow you to work deep within the muscles,” Vanklaveren said.

As muscles in her legs, arms, stomach and back become stronger, Wyatt is watching her body change into one that looks like a dancer’s even though she isn’t one.

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