Flooding continues to be a problem along Canal Drive in Carolina Beach

CAROLINA BEACH, NC (WWAY) — Flooding is always a major concern along the coast during hurricane season. In Carolina Beach, occasional flooding has been happening over the past several years when there isn’t a cloud in the sky.

Town Manager Bruce Oakley says the flooding that’s currently taking place in Carolina Beach is the worst the town has seen in 2020.

“The one like we have right now is the first one I think we’ve had this year that’s this high,” Oakley said. “But it happens almost quarterly that we get high tides that will come out and cause us to close roads.”

Although this is something that has been happening for several years, Oakley says there have been multiple obstacles in finding a fix.

“We had some money in the budget to study it,” Oakley said. “Due to COVID and some of the financial burdens placed on us by COVID, we had to remove that from the budget this year. But we hope to put something back in to look at ways and means to help prevent future flooding.”

Oakley says if all goes as planned, the town may begin looking into the issue as early as next year.

“As we go on through the year, if our financial situation and the revenues increase, we may look into trying to do a study later in the year or try to put it in next year’s budget,” Oakley said.

In the meantime Oakley advises residents and visitors to be both patient and smart with the flooding.

“Please avoid driving on Canal until water recedes,” Oakley said. “We are monitoring it and have the roads blocked. We will continue to do so until these tides go back to normal.”

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