Florida mom accused of DUI while picking up child from school

LADY LAKE, FL (WKMG) — A local mother told authorities to “just take (her) to jail” when they pulled her over for driving under the influence as she was taking her daughter home from elementary school Tuesday afternoon, according to the Lady Lake Police Department.

Multiple witnesses called 911 to report a vehicle swerving and driving erratically in the area of Griffin View Drive.

When an officer pulled over Annette Nesbitt, 34, he said he noticed her eyes were glassy and droopy and her breath smelled of alcohol, the affidavit said.

Nesbitt was unable to provide her ID, vehicle registration and proof of insurance. She said she was taking “something for anxiety” but denied using any other medications, police said.

While Nesbitt was speaking to the officer, her daughter in the back seat started crying. The girl told the officer she was crying because drivers were yelling at her mother to quit driving “because she was driving crazy,” the report said.

Nesbitt said she was on her way back from picking up her daughter from her elementary school in Lady Lake.

She told officers she was a recovering alcoholic who was going through difficult times. Police said she took staggered steps once outside of her vehicle and refused to perform a field sobriety test.

“No, just take me to jail,” Nesbitt told police, according to the report.

Dash camera audio gave a closer glimpse into her conversation with Lady Lake police.

“You were driving into oncoming traffic with your daughter in the back seat. Do you see the problem with that?” the officer is heard asking her.

“I’m a terrible, horrible mom,” she replied.

Police said Nesbitt became verbally combative because she didn’t want to be arrested in front of her daughter, but then demanded she be taken to jail before her husband could arrive to pick up the girl.

The girl gave police a bottle of cherry-flavored liquor she said her mother had been drinking as well as taking pills, later determined to be clonazepam, according to the report. The girl said Nesbitt frequently hides alcohol so her husband doesn’t know she’s drinking.

Police said Nesbitt claimed she “wasn’t doing anything wrong” when they arrested her. When the officer reminded her of the erratic driving accusations, she said, “According to who? You?,” the report said.

Nesbitt was charged with DUI, possession of a controlled substance and child endangerment.

She posted her $5,000 bond, and she is back home.

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