Food banks try to help rising hunger problem

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — With the holidays quickly approaching, many are preparing to enjoy a traditional Thanksgiving meal. Some folks are not that lucky.

The US Department of Agriculture says hunger across the country is at its highest point in 15 years with nearly 15 percent of the country’s population struggling to feed their families.

Local food banks and shelters are trying to help. Here in Wilmington, the Food Bank of Central & Eastern North Carolina says donations are critical to keep food on the table.

“We always need more food,” the Food Bank’s Jennifer Caslin said. “We distributed almost 4.8 million pounds of food last year, and this year it looks like we’re going to go higher than that. The need, no matter what the economy looks like, no matter who says the recession is over, there are still people out there who are recovering from it. There are still people being affected. We’re seeing a definite increase in who we’re serving, so we definitely need, always need food, always need donations.”

It’s easy to help. Donations to the Food Bank can even be made online

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