Former Carolina Beach Mayor Joe Benson pens first novel “An Unwelcome Arrangement”

CAROLINA BEACH, NC (WWAY) — Former Carolina Beach Mayor Joe Benson has written his first novel titled “An Unwelcome Arrangement” and is touring the east coast to promote it.

The book is the first in a series of Rose McDougal thrillers.

Benson says the idea for the the heroine Rose came to him during his last deployment as an Air Force Special Operations Officer.  “Rose came out of the blue,” Benson says, “she’s not your average hero.”

The book follows Rose from her unremarkable life to her involvement with the Irish mob.  She is aided by Bubba Sunshine, who Benson says describes as “a run-of-the-mill country boy from Burgaw, who seems harmless.”

The unlikely duo star in a tight thriller that sees Rose drawn into a life of crime and constant danger.

Benson says he is already writing the next adventure for Rose and it will have connections to the Cape Fear.

The book is available almost anywhere books are sold including Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

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