Fresh Chance Friday offers true second chance

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — The Foxes Boxes is normally a place to grab a bite to eat in Downtown Wilmington, but today it was an opportunity for people to get a fresh start.

Support the Port hosted Fresh Chance Friday, a chance for people with difficult pasts to speak with employers, register to vote and even a free dress to impress section. Organizers called this event a way to change their lives. David Bates understands that message, as he is a man with a former murder charge. He says that something like this can really make a difference.

“A community outreach event like this is so well needed and I’m tremendously grateful. When you come from incarceration and you try to find a job, the first thing that employers do is slam the door on you.”

Bates says that he commends the employers in attendance and asks others to give a similar second chance to those in need.

If you missed out on Fresh Chance Friday, you can visit the Support the Port website by clicking here for more information and how you can get involved.

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