Full Belly Project working on new products benefiting communities worldwide

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — For the past 15 years one Wilmington organization has been helping nearly 60 countries improve their quality of life. The Full Belly Project continues to create products designed to help communities become more self sufficient.

The organization held a workshop Wednesday afternoon to go over their progress and new products they are working on. WWAY has told you about the universal nut sheller, which shells peanuts 50 times faster than human hands can.

Now they are working on a machine that lets people can pour their food through to make sure it is safe to eat. They are also working on a transportable kit to test food for poisonous cancer causing chemicals.

And the rocker water pump, which Full Belly Project Director of Research and Development Jock Brandis says will change the way farmers can grow food.

“Our next step is trying to free farmers from the tyranny of the dry season. By creating and distributing simple small foot powered water pumps. So they can do irrigation right through the dry season. And grow healthier foods and always have something available for market,” Brandis said.

Full Belly Project is also teaching people harvesting, processing and storing techniques to keep insects and fungus from affecting people’s food.

The organization plans to expand their efforts overseas throughout the year.

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