Gas lines stack up due to upcoming storm

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — The hurricane worries are traveling to the gas pumps throughout the area as more people line up to fill their tanks.

Gas prices jumped after hurricane Harvey and Demand has gone up with Hurricane Irma looming.

Some gas stations in the area ran out of gas yesterday and now have gas available.

Places like Costco have had cars coming almost non-stop as people try to top off their tanks, just in case.

“We had a couple gas stations out our way that were closed. We had a gas station raise its prices all the way to $2.83. We’re fortunate we got some out there, but I figured well we better top it off cause you never know. Good boy scout I guess,” Gary Hurst, said.

Gas is still available at many locations so if you need to fill up your tank, you won’t have too much trouble.

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