Goats eat invasive plants at North Carolina park

CHIMNEY ROCK, N.C. (AP) — Maybe kudzu is not indestructible after all.

The Times-News of Hendersonville reports a preservation group is using goats to tackle the vines at Chimney Rock State Park.

About 15 goats have been working for nearly two weeks, to help get rid of invasive plants such as kudzu that squeeze out native plants and contribute to erosion and landslides.

David Lee with the Carolinas Mountain Land Conservancy helped arrange for the goats to tackle the kudzu near Chimney Rock.

The park is using the goats to take care of a two-acre section.

Lee says the goats are much cheaper than hiring people to come in and try to spray herbicides to control the unwanted weeds.

The goats are expected to return in the fall to sweep the area again.

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