Gov. Roy Cooper lets rioting prevention, and hotel safety become law without signature

Governor Cooper has vetoed legislation eliminating Sheriffs' handgun background checksl (Photo: Roy Cooper / YouTube)

RALEIGH, NC (WWAY) — On Friday, March 17th, Governor Roy Cooper allowed two bills become law without his signature.

He allowed Senate Bill 53, relating to hotel safety issues, and House Bill 40, relating to rioting prevention and civil disorder to pass.

Senate Bill 53 says it is an act to clarify that occupants of accommodations provided by hotels, motels, and similar lodgings “do not create a tenancy” and to “clarify that these occupancies are governed by the statues relating to inns, hotels and other transient occupancies.”

In regards to the hotel safety issues, or SB 53, Cooper stated, “This bill was given broad support in the legislature and there are potential positive modifications being discussed by legislators. However safe housing is sometimes only available from temporary shelter such as hotels, and I remain concerned that this bill will legalize unfair treatment for those who need protection, and this will prevent me from signing it.”

House Bill 40 states that it is an act to increase penalties for rioting, or inciting rioting, that causes damage to property, serious bodily injury or death. Also, it increases penalties for assaulting emergency personnel during a riot or state of emergency.

When speaking of the rioting prevention and civil disorder, he said, “I acknowledge that changes were made to modify this legislation’s effect after my veto of a similar bill last year. Property damage and violence are already illegal and my continuing concerns about the erosion of the First Amendment and the disparate impacts on communities of color will prevent me from signing this legislation.”


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