New order to allow delivery and to-go cocktails leaves businesses uneasy

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY)–Changes are coming to how you can get your alcohol this holiday season. Governor Cooper announced an executive order allowing your favorite mixed drinks to be delivered or taken to-go.

“I’m glad we’re making a step in the right direction, but I don’t even know if this qualifies as a step,” says Coglin’s Wilmington Owner Zack Medford.

Bars owners across the Cape Fear are reacting in different ways after Cooper’s announcement Monday allowing restaurants, clubs, and hotels the option to sell mixed drinks to-go or for delievery. Zack Medford, who is also the President of the North Carolina Bar and Tavern association says this should of been in place months ago.

“We’ve been asking the Governor to grant us the ability to serve mixed drinks to go for over 10 months,” Medford says. “Now, it’s 40 degrees outside, Christmas is almost here and receiving the ability to do to go cocktails is really too little too late.”

It’s an order that is very similar to a bill that was proposed back in May by Senator Harper Peterson. He says it took too long to give these businesses the relief they needed, but he’s glad they finally did in some fashion.

“Any lifeline, any help is welcome,” says Senator Peterson. “It’s been now nine months and hopefully this will help through the holidays and into the New Year. I think it lasts through January 31st, but again on behalf of all the restaurants, the private clubs, the hotels, distilleries this is more than welcome.”

Bars like Coglin’s say right now it doesn’t make sense for them financially to buy into this short term solution.

“We’ve reached out to our membership to gauge the interest in to-go cocktails and unfortunately the logistical headaches involved, not to mention the red tape in the Governor’s executive order makes it so it’s not really worth it for us to even attempt it.” 

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