Governor promises town will not be forgotten

FAIR BLUFF, NC (WWAY) — Fair Bluff is not forgotten. That’s the message Gov. Roy Cooper delivered when he came to Columbus County this afternoon.

“It’s going to be a real test to make sure that Congress comes through with the money that is needed,” Gov. Cooper said.

The governor visited the Columbus Career and College Academy, which turned into a shelter during the hurricane almost a year ago. He toured the school and said he does not want the people of Fair Bluff to feel forgotten and will help them the best he can.

“We salute those people. We’re working to help to restore housing, local infrastructure. We’re working to try to get the federal government to continue to do their share of this and we obviously want the legislature to do more as well,” Gov. Cooper said.

He says one major issue is not enough money is coming from the federal government to help those who need it.

“There’s still not enough money from the state and federal government to provide help for everyone and I want to see that happen,” Cooper said.

The governor’s visit was limited to some officials and the media but the public was not permitted. The mayor of Fair Bluff wanted the governor to see the people impacted by last year’s storm and the destruction.

“I would like for him to ride through our residential area that’s been devastated by the storm,” Mayor Billy Hammond said.

Cooper says the cleanup from Hurricane Matthew is an ongoing battle, one he believes will not end anytime soon.

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