Green Party makes its mark on election ballots

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — Members of the North Carolina Green Part say it’s a great way to start off spring.

“One great thing that we can offer now is ballot access,” North Carolina Green Party co-chair Tony Ndege, said.

Now that the Green Party is an official political party, their candidates will appear on ballots in this year’s general election.

“It means all the difference in the world to a grassroots, people driven organization that does not have the big money funds,” Ndege said.

Aaron King, a political science assistant professor at UNCW, says it is notable that voters have another choice.

“In terms of seeing an immediate return in election outcomes is pretty unlikely, particularly at the state and national level. Where the green party had success in the past is largely at the local level in several states throughout the country,” King said.

With Democrats, Republicans and Libertarians already established parties, this could be a long road to climb for the Green Party.

“I think that what’s more likely to happen, and sort of what we’ve seen in North Carolina with the libertarian party is these minor parties often times, bring up issues that maybe the major political parties might not talk about. It might encourage additional people to come out and vote, to engage in the political process,” King said.

But members say they are doing what they can to reach voters.

“The time is now. It’s a historic window of opportunity I think we’ve entered. And I think it will continue to open and we have to grab that now,” Ndege.

King believes one contributing factor to this rise in the Green Party is the polarizing political climate and people losing faith in the current major parties.

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