Gun rights up for debate at 2nd amendment rally in Port City

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — The BullZeye Shooting Sports range hosted a second amendment rally in Wilmington on Saturday.

Gun rights and conservative advocacy groups pitched tents in the chilly rain to campaign for local and state governing officials including North Carolina House, New Hanover County Commissioner and Lieutenant Governor candidates.

Some people planning a day at the shooting range were interested in learning more about the rally when they arrived like Paula Elliot and Tammy Fletcher.

“Just familiarize myself back with some stuff that I probably need to know or should be more informed on, so that I don’t get rights taken away that I don’t want to,” Elliot said.

“It’s our God given right that we’ve always had since the second amendment [was created],” Fletcher said. “I think it’s not something that should be messed with by congress. It’s not their choice to change the God-given laws.”

North Carolina voters will take to the polls on March 3rd, also known as Super Tuesday, for the primary elections and can choose to vote for candidates campaigning for office like those at the rally.

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