Gun safety expert responds to movie set shooting

WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) — In light of a prop gun accident on the set of Alec Baldwin’s new movie, an incident leaving one dead and one wounded, gun safety is now in the spotlight.

Matt Rhodes is nationally and state certified to teach basic gun safety and conceal carry courses. While demonstrating a gun similar to the one Baldwin fired, Rhodes explained armorers are able to outfit guns to only fit blanks, not bullets. This gun was able to hold either.

Rhodes showed anyone who had opened the cylinder would be able to tell if the gun was loaded, and if it was loaded with live bullets.

He continued that if the set had a competent armorer who kept guns under lock and key as required, if cast and staff had been trained in gun safety, and if anyone had taken a few moments to check, the victim would still be alive.

“Oh my God yeah. Absolutely. I mean, because it could have been avoided on many levels,” said Rhodes. “The fact that crew walked out a couple days before hand, that tells me that they knew something was wrong. For them to walk off, they really felt there was a true threat of life and death, and obviously there was.”

According to Rhodes, you should never point a gun, loaded or otherwise, at anyone unless in self defense.

If Baldwin had been directed to point the gun elsewhere, if the camera had been left on a tripod, or if the necessary safety precautions were taken, there would be no victims in this case.

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