H2Go candidate forum surrounded debate of multi-million dollar reverse osmosis plant

LELAND, NC (WWAY) – Candidates for the utility service that provides clean drinking water to nearly ten thousand Brunswick County neighbors talked reverse osmosis Wednesday.

Commissioners with H2Go are set on giving Leland and other customers in north Brunswick County a different filtration option to prevent Gen-X contamination. Who wins reelection to the board could be the public’s mandate on the matter.

It’s the multi-million dollar debate for candidates seeking to join or stay on H2Go’s board of commissioners.

“You can drink all the water you want but my kids are going to drink RO water just like this water right here,” said candidate Rodney McCoy.

McCoy is the lone challenger to the two incumbent commissioners that supports the plant.

“I do not support the building of H2GO’s RO plant,” said challenger Brayton Willis who was followed by  candidate Dan Yousey saying, “”Again I am not against R-O. I am against RO being built for ten thousand paying customers.”

Incumbent commissioners have already contracted with companies to build the plant and the board has moved funding around to begin initial construction.

“Its at least a $1,000 to have to do it individually for your home if your home is adaptable in that way. So I do not know how much it would cost if it’s a community, but that is something that I am definitely interested in,” says Linda Bornstein who came to hear Leland town council candidates talk issues like water and development.

Right now the commission has requested more than $25 million in bonds for the project. Challengers Yousey, Willis, and Bill Beer are not for it before more research is done with cheaper alternatives to filter Gen-X.

Board members Carl Antos, Ron Jenkins and challenger Rodney McCoy approve of it.

“Safe clean, contaminate free, water. That’s something everybody has a right to,” says the vice chairman Jenkins seeking reelection who was following my Willis saying, “Going contrary to the commissioner over here, it does not provide safe, clean, affordable water.”

For more backstory on the issue, you can read more of our reporting here.

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