Hammerheads score early and often against Miami Fusion

WILMINGTON, NC (HAMMERHEADS RELEASE) — The start to Wednesday in the Port City showed nothing but grey skies and rain, but when the Hammerheads took the field at 7pm, the sun shined and skies held off for the second round of the 2016 Open Cup game against Miami Fusion FC.

Legion Stadium was filled with 1,964 diehard fans, cheering on their only local professional team. Miami Fusion FC, a NPSL team, challenged the USL Hammerheads, but it was within the 5th minute, Hammerhead’s #10 Justin Moose let-it-rip and scored against Miami goalkeeper, #1 Peterson Occenat; Hammerhead’s #7 Austin Martz with the assist.

Quickly following Moose’s goal, #14 Logan Miller, scored late in the 8th minute, with an assist by newcomer, #12 Casey Townsend.  Only having trained with the Hammerheads for the past week, Townsend shows tremendous offensive strength to help the rejuvenated team. Townsend elaborated, “Joining the Hammerheads I wanted to help earn points and score. Tonight was a great introduction to what I think we are capable of for the rest of our regular season.”

Although Townsend is a great addition to the team, it’s Martz’s incredible speed and hunger to score that led the Hammerhead’s into a high scoring game. In the 22nd minute, Martz scored his first goal of the game, assisted by Townsend.

Despite Miami picking up their offensive strategy, less than ten minutes after Martz’s first goal, #8 Mael Corboz set up a perfect scoring opportunity; which Martz had no issue completing, bringing the Hammerheads to a 4-0 lead going into half time.

As seen in previous games this season, the Hammerheads are stronger in the first half than the second. Miami jumped back into the game with more offensive control. In the 47th minute and 49th minute, Hammerhead’s goalkeeper, #16 Eric Ati was put to work making two close saves on net, one breakaway from Miami’s #21 Monty Berrow.

The Hammerheads ground themselves a bit during the 58th minute when they had an outstanding series of controlled headers and volleys from midfield, leading to a shot on goal. Despite the effort, Miami’s goalie was no match for the Hammerhead’s offensive line-up and made a strong save.

While Occenat was being put to work throughout the game, fellow teammate, #4 Quintero received a yellow card in their defensive end during the 59th minute, and against their goalkeeper in the 72nd minute. Continuing with the growingly intense game, Wilmington’s #22 Kyle Parker scored his first goal of the season in the 77th minute with an assist from #3 Peabo Doue.

Throughout the game, there were 12 opportunities for the Hammerhead’s to score, and 3 for Miami. But in the 89th minute, Parker scored his second goal of the season, and the evening, with an assist from #19 Jeff Michaud, to bring the Hammerheads to a 6-0 win over Miami Fusion FC.

Wilmington heads to Miami on June 1st where they will take on Miami FC for the third round in the Open Cup tournament. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for more information about this exciting game next week!

The Hammerhead’s take on Charleston Battery this Saturday, May 21st at 7pm in the Port City for the third and final Southern Derby Cup match. Purchase your tickets by calling 910.777.2111 or visit wilmingtonhammerheads.com to purchase your tickets today.

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