Hampstead hosts 48th Annual NC Spot Festival

HAMPSTEAD, NC (WWAY)– If there were ever a time to enjoy a southern platter of deep fried fish it would have been this weekend at the North Carolina Spot Festival in Hampstead.

The 48th Annual festival included arts and crafts, a kids section, fireworks, a beer and wine garden and of course lots of the delicious spot fish.

Thousands of people came to Pender County for the event and for those who couldn’t handle the weather, they still got their fish from the drive through.

“We have people that come from as far south as South Carolina,” said Sheila Rodney who served as the 2011 Spot Festival Chair. “People from the western part of the state also come because they want to have that good spot dinner cooked up for them just right.”

All proceeds from the festival went to Topsail schools and the Hampstead volunteer fire department.

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